Hacao Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. We are dedicated to deploy open source solutions (i.e. ESN, CRM, ERP, DMS, HRM, Data warehouse, BI, Linux, ….) and out-source for HR.

We are an experienced consulting and developing team, and we have deployed hundreds of large and small projects, especially Bitrix24, for many enterprises in different kinds of service sections.

Our team is proud to be the first team in Vietnam that integrates and develops applications on the Enterprise Social Network (Bitrix24) platform, combining with many solutions such as ERP, CRM, HRM, DMS, POS, E-Warranty, writing and deploying automating process.

In addition, we also provide services of consulting and deploying the application of information technology such as intelligent solutions and automation applying for activities of enterprises in order to improving your internal strength as well as increasing competitiveness and efficiency for your business.

With those abilities and experiences, we are confident to provide you valued customers with the best solutions for all of your demands.

* On the 12th anniversary of Hacao Co., Ltd, we have a gift program to send to customers.

Please see the gift details here

About Us

We have experienced teams in deploying & developing applications on communication, collaboration & management.
Our teams have advised and deployed for hundreds of business customers in many different professions.
Application of technology solutions developed on the information platform Big Data, Data Lake, Data WareHouse, BI, Automation, AI, … to serve the requirements of customers management and administration.

In addition to our work, our team members love sports and often spend their free time joining sports events. Those activities will help the team members know each other better, connect and support each other in the work. Moreover, through sporting activities, the team members will be stronger in their mind and could overcome the difficulties in sporting and working activities.

We all believe that “There is only a strong determination in a healthy body


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