Typical projects

We have years of experiences of consulting, deploying, developing software applications, out-source for projects in many different professions.


– Q-Mobile (ESN, ERP integration, CRM, E-Warranty, DMS, POSM, HRM, SMS, VoiP,…)
– Odin (ESN, CRM, Ecommerce Website)
– VP Group (Internal Portal, ERP, Ecommerce, business modules …)
– Truong Thinh Plastics (Internal Portal, Website)
– Dat Viet VAC (ESN, CRM, Landing page)
– SHTP (ESN, WorkFlow, Website, ESN integration with accounting software)
– Auto AMC (ESN, WorkFlow)
– Auto Modena (ESN extension, CRM extension function)
– Chin Media (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– Cao Thang Hospital (ESN, WorkFlow, application development training)
– DAFC (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– Socon, Descon, Nam Thinh, DRH (ESN, WorkFlow)
– DMSPro (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– Immica (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– Hotdeal (ESN)
– Saigon Co-op, Blue Ocean (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– QD.Tek ​​(ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– Saigon Paper (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow)
– GlobalTravelXperts (ESN, WorkFlow, Ticket Extension)
– Dong Hung Footwear (ESN, CRM, WorkFlow, Sample Management, Materials Warehousing combined with Processes, …)

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