Hacao Linux

Hacao is a Linux distribution for Vietnamese and English users. This operation system could be fitted in a 300MB CD or bootable USB Flash drive to run Linux directly from those devices, no hard drive required. This is the smallest Linux distribution available in Vietnamese language up to the present time. All software in Hacao Linux comes with an open source license.

* Versions
– Hacao Linux 1.06
– Hacao Linux 2.0
– Hacao Office 2.01
– Hacao Linux 2.01 Professional
– Hacao Linux 2.12 Professional
– Hacao Linux 2.16 Professional
– Hacao Linux 4.21 (Hacao421.iso & Hacao421Pro.iso)
– Hacao Linux 2009 CE (Hacao2011Pro-mini.iso)

See information on Distrowatch & Wikipedia

* In addition to supporting Hacao Linux, we also support the integration of Linux operating systems into embedded systems, embedded control systems, and services for deploying Linux systems on demand.