CRM software currently has many effective uses, but depending on the type of business and special requirements that can apply one of the following solutions:

1. Bitrix.CRM

Strong on automatic processing according to flexible customer care procedures, interacting with teams working in the same network.

Social Intranet, there are many channels that connect Open Channel to other social networks.

2. Odoo.CRM

The strong point is that this CRM is a function in the whole Odoo ERP solution so the connectivity possibilities available with the data of the warehouse, accounting, … are available.

3. Sugar.CRM or Vtiger.CRM

If the demand for single functions of pure CRM, this is the solution you will use and meet the demand.

If you need data connectivity with many other modules, additional integration will meet your needs.

Depending on the integration of more or less with the available software such as ERP, DMS, … or extended connection to the internal social network of enterprises will have the option of Odoo.CRM or Bitrix.CRM. .

We will advise based on your requirements to provide the best and most appropriate solution.

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