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Hacao Co., Ltd. is confident to be supplier of barcode label printer, ribbon, satin, decal paper rolls & ink for printing bar code in Vietnam. We supply products originated from America, Japan, Germany, Korea, Taiwan with famous brands such as Zebra, Toshiba, Cab, Sewoo, etc, … We are very flexible in dealing with problems via telephone and email.

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At present, bar code labels are applied in many fields such as supermarkets, hospitals, garment companies, packaging products, …

1. The combination of barcode decal and barcode printer equipment will create the highest efficient management system for all items in production as well as business.

(Printers & decal rolls)

2. The print cartridges must be compatible with the printer, allowing the printer to operate smoothly. The bar code ink must have a strong color, high durability, anti-scratch phenomenon, have certain chemical resistance.
There are three types: Wax – Wax / Resin – Resin.

(Image of ink rolls)

– Ribbon Wax: A common ink material, made of wax. This ink is suitable for paper decal, soluble in water and soluble in solvent. Often applied in the supermarket environment, office …
– Ribbon Wax / Resin: is a superior ink than Wax, is made of a mixture of wax and plastic, difficult to fade in water and long lasting in the solvent. This cartridge is suitable in frozen environment accompanied with PVC decal, export carton, …
– Ribbon Resin: The highest grade of barcode ink. Made of plastic, not fade in water and very slowly dissolved in solvent (alcohol, gasoline, bleach solution …). Applications of this type are usually in high quality requirements, important information is not deformed during use is usually accompanied with PVC decal and metal sheet decal or satin label …

We print labels of stamps stickers on goods & machinery, printing and labeling bar code labels, designed according to customer requirements.

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