Optimizing profitability and improving competitiveness for businesses 
Our consulting services are based on the knowledge and practical experiences of deploying solutions to a wide range of businesses across a wide range of scales, sectors and industries. We understand that the solutions are really effective when they meet the specific requirements of the business. Moreover, with the newest technology and our dense experiences, we are confident to contribute the way to the true success that you look forward to. Hereunder are some services that we supply:

Hacao Co., Ltd is one of the pioneering enterprises in deploying Enterprise Social Network solution in Vietnam. With years of experiences in consulting and deploying Enterprise Social Network, we will help businesses to build a modern, effective and friendly working environment combined with automation in management and administration with optimized cost.

With the experiences of implementing hundreds of large and small projects successfully, we understand how to create competitive advantages through corporate social networking. This is not only the process of building a new working system, but also the process of building the corporate culture and encouraging employees to participate in that process.
We will support businesses to identify their trading objectives, to develop a comprehensive deployment plan to help businesses in using corporate social network effectively. Our services also help businesses in planning the management policies, training programs and marketing communications necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the business.

The most important factor is how to encourage and accelerate employees to take participation in the social network of new businesses in the first months. The cooperation of all staffs will make significant impact on the effectiveness of the project implementation as well as the return on investment (ROI) for the business. It is important to ensure that employees are highly adaptable and do not spend too much time in getting acquainted with the new work environment. Hacao Co., Ltd. also deploys management consulting & operations services for businesses.

Our experts will advise businesses the best way to operate from the time of receiving the system to the effective operation of it. Moreover, we will also advise enterprises the common difficulties that they might get, so that they can be easily overcome all of them. Such difficulties could be as follows:
– Have to spend times to continually answer a large number of questions from the staff, for example about the changes in how the system works, instead of focusing on improving the system.
– Problems occurring unexpectedly because of many cases arise only after applying the system in large-scale.
– Low reception rates due to the uncertainty: Employees’ general psychology is counteracting the changes, or thinking that the new system will add too much work to them. So that, if the first operating on the new system does not go smoothly, it will seriously affect the application efficiency.

Hacao Co., Ltd provides collaborative consulting services that enable the process of communication and interaction among employees in the enterprise to be more flexible and accurate, allowing businesses to optimize their deployment rates of collaborative solution.

We support businesses to modernize their work systems, improving the flexibility of existing applications. At the same time, integrating modern collaboration tools, enabling enhanced collaboration and communication efficiency, connecting staff anytime and anywhere.

With years of experiences in deploying enterprise social networking projects in Vietnam, we are confident to be a reliable partner in the field of consulting and deploying collaborative solutions, contributing to the improvement and changes of the culture of communication for businesses. Our services help businesses quickly access the superior value that leading technology solutions bring. We will walk together with businesses throughout the prosess of construction planning, making the flow chart, the transition stages, and we will provide independent maintenance and support services that does not affect the operations and activities of businesses.

The consultant team has many years of consulting experiences in corporate social networking but also advises on ERP, CRM, DMS, etc. for businesses in various fields such as: Manufacturing, services, construction retail, … We know how to optimize the operating system to meet all the expectations of each specific enterprise, build processes, technical factors related and not related to system. Come to Hacao Co., Ltd we will bring the idea, strategic vision of business to reality.

With years of experiences in managing and participating in implementing many enterprise solutions, we understand the challenges that employees of each business have to face of when the operational structure is changed. Our mission is to assist businesses in developing and implementing a restructuring strategy that focuses on orientation, association and transparency for the new operating system.

We apprehend the impact of the new system on working habits of employees. So that, we plan and provide activities of supporting, guidance, setting up changes in personnel management, determining the appropriate training orientation, and developing an effective communication strategy. We are confident that the rate of employees’ reception of the new system must be effectively improved with those activities of us.

Having experiences in implementing ERP, CRM, DMS, etc. together with hundreds of successful projects, we are confident to provide professional consultancies in deployment and management business process. Our consultants work with clients in each stage of the development and application of the management process, ranging from analysis and evaluation of existing business processes, planning the implementation of the management rules, changing management, and training staff throughout the innovation process.

Hacao Co., Ltd will work directly with each customer to determine the priority order of business processes. Then, we will develop a flowchart based on the operational data provided, allowing for analysis and identification of system limitations. After that, we work together with the departments to identify the basic principles necessary for the solution development process, setting the specific route for each day-to-day business process.

We work closely with individuals from different departments and hold different positions to find the best way to minimize the waste time in reporting, transferring, and signing phases. Last but not least, the integrity of the process still remained unchanged.

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