The strength of the business is based on good products & services.

We provide the following products and services:

With team of professionals working in the fields of technology, corporate social networking, deploying ERP, CRM, DMS, …, we are confident and committed to advise and bring you, our valued customers in very wide sections, the solutions that are the best, most effective and suitable for the characteristics of each enterprise with the lowest cost.


We also have experiences in deploying social networking solutions, ERP solutions, CRM, DMS, etc. for enterprises in Vietnam. Hacao Co., Ltd. support the deployment of corporate social networking & enterprise management and operation solutions on the server systems that enterprises specify. In addition, we will take steps to ensure that the software system works perfectly in the enterprise on all available modules.


In line with the characteristics of each enterprise, we provide customization services. You can request to modify the solution, the product available according to your ideas and needs. Hacao Co., Ltd has many years of experiences in customizing software products and can fully meet the requirements of new development / revision / integration of the business.


After deploying the products, we provide training services and professional training to users and administrators of enterprise social networking, ERP, CRM, … Moreover, we also provide on-demand training services for modules of the products or other training requirements.

Please leave information or call 0903 649 946 to meet Mr. Truong for more detailed advice and introduction.

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