Special opportunity to apply automation to agencies and businesses

Hacao Company is a company specializing in consulting, implementing open source solutions (ESN, CRM, ERP, DMS, HRM, Data warehouse, BI, Linux, ….) & Out-source personnel established since 2007. .

With a team of experienced consultants, deploying and deploying hundreds of large and small projects, especially Bitrix24 for many businesses in different service industries.

Our staff is proud to be the team deploying and developing applications on Enterprise Social Network (Bitrix24) in combination with many solutions such as ERP, CRM, HRM, DMS, POS, E-Warranty, Automation process, … first in Vietnam.

* On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Hacao company, we want to thank our customers from the early days of establishment until companies and units that have been deploying software solutions and printing services. in 12/2018 with the following information:

1. Give consultancy package and deploy enterprise social network (Enterprise Social Network or Social Intranet) on Bitrix24 platform to any customers who register new or upgraded from previous copyright packages (Apply for customers who bought directly from the firm or through other units).

2. Donate a professional consulting package of process & set of 5 real-time automation processes (Applied to all customers who have purchased products from the company or through other units).
+ Process of taking leave
+ Advance process
+ Purchase process
+ Proposal process for business trip
+ Recruitment process

3. Get 50% of the price for any module currently available on the website www.hacao.com

* Link to receive gifts.



– Email: sales@hacao.com
– Hotline: (+84) 903649946
– Website: www.hacao.com

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