How to use automation in sports events?

Today with the application of automation has been applied in many different areas for different jobs.
In the field of sports and especially events with tens of thousands of participants, how can I record the information, photos, videos … of athletes?

The best solution is to connect the BIB-based automatic recording system and detect from BIB number identification from the image and perform a series of automated tasks such as:
– take photos and record videos automatically at CPs
– Automatic image processing
– Update BIB numbers by chip and follow actual automatic snapshot at CPs and report the actual situation to capture and support.
– Push photos & videos automatically on the website.
– Notify athletes so that when they reach the goal, they will have moments during the earliest event.
– and many other extended functions according to event characteristics …

This website is updating images and automatically detecting BIB numbers from previous images so you can easily search. The information will be connected later and with the BTC to be able to handle for you more and better.

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