Automation in Marketing, Sales, how to care customers?

Have you ever wondered how to do repetitive tasks or be on duty 24/7 to respond to information for guests?

Definitely there is a solution to replace you doing those things.

So let’s see how the basic scenarios refer to turning crafts into automation.

The company has one or several websites (or microsite for brands), has a series of Facebook pages to take care of, on the website there are contact forms, questions and answers on professional articles on the web, including Skype accounts, Viber, … or even Zalo to chat with young users when interested in products and services, marketing department running advertising programs, registering information on the internet to bring potential customers into the company’s landing page website, …

Common interactive model for customer care system

According to the day-to-day jobs, there is a team of people who care, respond, and update information from Marketing to Sales, which is quite busy if the Lead comes to a lot. For information exchanged outside office hours or late at night, there is certainly no one who responds to information and handles it but must wait for the next day, this Lead may be lost because customers often search for partners that responds to information right and fast enough.

OK, so let’s go into the details of automated information processing threads.

Information obtained from various advertising channels on the internet are recorded into the source, recorded information into the CRM system to handle the following steps.
Information related to communication between potential customers via chat channels such as: Live Chat on the website, chat & comment in Facebook, Skype, Viber, Zalo (extension), … or send Email to, are automatically Save all information into CRM and if there are people interacting during office hours, it will respond on an interactive management interface at the same time with all communications with customers.
What is the next step after recording automatic information? All of these scripts or threads are made by ourselves and change any processing at will.
Automatically classify the processing direction according to the source (marketing wants to know how effective the advertising campaign is and the specific data linking Marketing & Sales).
Automatically classify and process according to the products and services that I have defined before.
Automatically divide the work and hand over the Lead to the managers in charge of the region (RSM, ASM – North, South, Central, Western, …)
Automatically update information as well as send notices to appropriate management levels.
Automatically email, SMS, message, … for customers with defined template (templates) in customer care processing process.
Automatically activate predefined advertising programs (if needed)
Automatically update information, Lead tracking status according to each step of the initial self-defined care.
Automatically reminds and warns the person in charge of monitoring Lead if there has been no action for a long time, including the management level (if in the process of caring for yourself in this section).
If the steps to take care of the care include many departments participating in the process, it will automatically take the results of this step to give the next step for processing and include notes or notes, … including debt reminding can also do automatically.
Automatically have a real-time report on which reports are made because of what information is included in the report and can be delegated to anyone who can see these reports.
From the full report data will help managers have a solid basis to activate the system of Email, SMS, SMS, Voip Marketing, advertising on Google or Facebook, … integrated inside this system always.
Managers will be able to grasp the cash flows that will come in the coming time through automatic reports on total value of Lead, Deal taking care, which are often asked by management levels (Example : Next week do you have any Deal, can you? And how much is the value of those Dealers? …). These are very useful information for the management of cash flow forecasting in real time and coordinate with financial departments to manage cash flow in and out at different times accordingly.
The process of handling and updating customer care is prepared by customers and the system will automatically handle, for any processing steps that need to be considered or someone must participate in the process of preparing the process. The process will insert this intervention.

With the practical application and summary of the main processing steps, the ability to free up busy work and reduce the load a lot for departments, means that productivity is greatly increased without missing out. any potential customer.

In terms of shortening time, you can imagine the following with a series of tasks that the manual operation personnel will need to take a few hours to respond if the processing steps are complex and complicated.

If you use this automated system, it only takes a few seconds for the information to be accurate and clear.

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